9Barista stove top espresso coffee maker

9Barista stove top espresso coffee maker
9Barista stovetop espresso coffee maker
Coffee lovers may be interested in a unique jet-engineered stovetop espresso machine called 9Barista. Made by a team of developers based in Cambridge, UK, 9Barista has been under development for the past five years and is now ready to make your perfect espresso coffee.

The twin boiler system in 9Barista. Where the first boiler creates the high pressure needed to make espresso (9 bar), and the other boiler controls the brewing temperature exactly to 93ºC. "This unique system allows the machine to produce incredibly accurate pressures and temperatures that ensure the perfect extraction to the perfect espresso. One of the great things about this new system is that it has no moving parts (except one spring) and no electronics - making it easy and reliable.

Launched via Kickstarter this week, the 9Barista espresso machine is now available to get back with Earlybird promises available from £199 and offer a £100 discount at the recommended retail price. If everything goes well with production all over the world, it is expected to start sometime around October 2019. The first production run will create only 150 machines that everyone will go to Kickstarter backers. For more details click the below link. So what are your thoughts on this gadget? Comment down below!

Features of the 9Barista espresso machine include:

- Professional espresso: 9Barista consistently produces exact espresso braking conditions. And unlike pod systems, you can use your own freshly roasted and ground coffee.

- Inherent reliability: Constructed of solid brass, and without electronics or moving parts (except a spring), 9Barista is designed to last a lifetime.

- Small but powerful: Small, compact and perfectly shaped, 9Barista stops well above the weight and produces a double shot espresso as well as you think it comes from a much larger and more expensive machine.

- Efficiency: 9Barista uses freshly ground coffee, not pods. Coffee pods are expensive and ineffective. If you add up the costs, 9Barista pays for itself within about one year.

- Versatility: 9Barista works on all stoves, from electric hobs, including induction, to gas or even a camping stove.

- Environment: 9Barista is designed to have a low environmental impact. It is manufactured in the UK, designed to last a lifetime and does not use rubbish-resistant plastic cushions.4

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