DaySling 2.0 everyday EDC bag from $69

DaySling 2.0 everyday EDC bag from $69
DaySling 2.0 everyday EDC bag from $69
Cycop Life has designed the new everyday bag in the form of DaySling 2.0, which, as its name suggests, builds on the original design, providing even more enhancements, features and enhancements. The waterproof case is designed to keep all your necessities in a lightweight sling bag that is now available to return from Kickstarter.

Thanks to nearly 1,000 backers, the project has already increased over $90,000 with still 24 days remaining on the campaign. Earlybird promises are available from $69 or about £53, and worldwide shipping is expected to take place in August 2019. "DaySling 2.0 is the missing link that completes your daily accessories with the most technically advanced premium technology and style"

The DaySling 2.0 Pro is constructed using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that is apparently 10 times stronger than steel, compared to weight and blended with fine nylon ripstop to create a unique material that repels dirt and water and provides extreme cut resistance. "In fact, this drug must be laser cut. It's so tough," its creators say.

"If you travel very often, think about digging around the bottom of a backpack to find your equipment (it's always put on the bottom). Because of that, remember to feel the warm, judgmental breath of people who are close to you Think of every time you have packed a dummy and broken bag on top, over cobblestones or broken streets, think that things are stolen because someone is cutting the bag in such a short time. A sudden heavy rain, and think of poor quality, handles and zippers that fail, only when you need them most. "

For more details click the link below. If everything goes well with production all over the world, it is expected to take place sometime around August 2019. So what are your thoughts on this gadget? Comment down below!

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