FOVEA embedded wearable multimeter

FOVEA embedded wearable multimeter
FOVEA embedded wearable multimeter
Electronic enthusiasts, decision makers and hobbyists may be interested in a new portable built-in multimeter called Fovea. The cabinet for utilizing built-in electronics and offering a wrist-worn multimeter for convenience. Launched via Kickstarter this week, Fovea wearable multimeter is available from $125 or about £98 for early birders and worldwide shipping is expected to take place in October 2019.

"FOVEA, our portable built-in analyzer does some primary things to make the built-in work easier: (a) It moves the multimeter screen to a location much closer to where the probes are held, and also with almost the same focal length; (b) it focuses on the lower currents and voltages as seen in modern built-in electronics - when you last had to measure 600VAC on your built-in project?; and (c) it integrates digital features with traditional analogue functions. "

"We do not want to replace your high-end benchtop lab-grade instruments, but instead develop a sensible user-friendly multimeter/analyzer with practical features that we would have expected to be common today. For example, continuity tests tell us nicely when we are over a very low resistance or direct connection, but if you check, say a 5-volt circuit for the correct power at different points, it would not be nice to have the meter alert you that you have 5V within a certain tolerance? PWM signals, and even generating pulses and PWM signals? And you can measure power over a pre-installed shunt resistor on development boards, so you don't have to keep a circuit connection to measure current, which are some of the features added FOVEA to help you become more productive. "

Characteristics :

- DC voltage to 30V with windscreens
- DC to 1A
- Current over a specified shunt
- Resistance and continuity
- Frequency count
- PWM servo pulse measurement
- Pulse generator (square wave)
- PWM servo pulse output
- Logic analyzer


- 2.4 "color TFT display
- Touch screen interface
- Built-in battery with USB tray
- Banana jacks, and a 4-pin plug-in interface
- Adjustable bracelet
- Folding design for portability

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