Secufy unlimited range SOS button

Secufy unlimited range SOS button
Secufy unlimited range SOS button
Secufy based in Mainz, Germany has created an unlimited range of SOS buttons that can reach up to 3 people when needed, providing an SOS button with "incredible reliability and privacy" in a small package.

Earlybird promises are available from €44 or £38 and worldwide shipping is expected to take place in September 2019. Features of the Secufy SOS button include:

- Mind View - Secufy was designed so that in the event of an emergency you will receive an instant message of something going on.
- Unlimited Range - With the latest in IoT technology, Secufy works without an app or drive and connects to globally available networks to quickly alert your help.
- Always Ready - With long battery life and lightweight, waterproof design, Secufy can be taken or worn anywhere and trusted to work when you need it most.
- Accurate GPS - Using 102 of the world's satellites when enabled, Secufy's includes your location, accurate up to 10 feet.
- Private transmission - With a secured one-way transfer, your emergency alert is sent to up to 3 people only when enabled.

"Each Secufy SOS Alert Button has an unlimited selection and instantly notifies up to three personal contacts with your location and each other's information when enabled in an emergency without an app or drive to connect. We rely on one-way communications to keep your data private, and to send alert messages quickly and reliably. "

- Press Secufy 3 times to activate the emergency alert
- The GPS coordinates and unique ID are sent to our servers in an encrypted message
- Our servers confirm the unit's ID and who will receive the SMS notification
- SMS Alert is being pushed to registered helpers with GPS coordinates, other recipient's contact information and urgent call for help. "

For more details visit the below link. So what are your thoughts on this gadget? Comment down below!

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