Tipscope smartphone microscope

Tipscope smartphone microscope
Tipscope smartphone microscope
Tipscope is a new smartphone microscope capable of providing a magnification of 1000x. Tipscope offers 2 micro resolutions and 1000x magnification power and offers a battery-free portable microscope that is small enough to slide in your pocket. Launched via Kickstarter this week, the pocket microscope is available for back from £30 or about $39, offering a 35% savings on the recommended retail price of $60. If everything goes well with production, worldwide shipping is expected to take place in July 2019.

"TIPSCOPE (1000x) can turn your smartphone on a 1000x microscope just seconds, it's small, portable, battery-free, and stick and game. The image quality of the TIPSCOPE has comparable optical performance to a professional commercial microscope.

With 2 micro-resolutions and 1000-diameter magnifying power, it helps you find the wonders you have never seen before in your daily life. It also provides benefits for the disciplines, such as biology, medicine and materials. "

I am one of the founders of TIPSCOPE. I am a doctor in optical engineering, mainly engaged in research and development of the next general microscope. The first time I saw a microscope was about ten years ago. I still remember the time when I observed the epidermal cell in a biology class using a large, bulky and heavy microscope.

When I was in college, I attended foreign visits as organized by the university and visited some educational institutions and schools in Africa, Southeast Asia, Western China, and so on. Many local school facilities were very outdated and limited. The pupils used large and falsified microscopes in classes and could not clearly observe objects described in textbooks. " For more details click the following the link below. So what are your thoughts on this gadget? Comment down below!

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