Qubis modular entertainment centre

Qubis modular entertainment centre
Qubis modular entertainment centre
An audio development boot based in London has created a new wireless smart modular entertainment system called Qubis, launched via Kickstarter this week, and is now available to repay with Earlybird promises available from £62, offering a 60% saving on the recommended retail price. If all goes well, the modular entertainment system is expected to start sending to backers in February 2020.

The smart functionality makes any TV an internet-equipped smart TV, eliminating the need for streaming devices, and its creators explain a bit more about the inspiration. "Take a look at your current entertainment system. Chances are you'll see speakers, receiver boxes, wires, and cables scattered everywhere, even though they're wisely packed to reduce clutter. The epic Bluetooth battle is what we all fight for every day, In addition to compatibility issues between non-integrating devices, we find ourselves spending a fortune on a feared all-in-one that claims to do everything - but it doesn't sacrifice performance, functionality, or quality. smart wireless solution and comes with an equally attractive price tag. "

Features of Qubis include:

- A power cable
- Modular design
- Integration across the platform
- Independent and more modular control
- Wi-Fi enabled modules
- Multi-room sound
- Wireless charging
- Battery powered modules
- Qubis App
- Quick setup and easy mobility
- Fully customizable
- Integrates with current Smart TV and WiFi speakers

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