Keymitt Smart Lock

Keymitt Smart Lock
Keymitt Smart Lock
Thanks to the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, the Keymitt Smart Lock has already raised over £167,000 thanks to over 1,100 supporters and is now available via the Indiegogo In-demand mortgage-backed service from £138. Worldwide shipping is expected to take place by December 2019, and the Keymitt Smart Lock can easily be mounted on both European locks and throughout the United States. Keymitt Smart Lock is specifically designed to make it easy to convert your existing door lock into a smart lock and eliminate the need for keys to carry, and allow you to access friends and family at any time.

The features of the Keymitt Smart Lock include:

- Universal: Attach Keymitt to the top of your reliable door lock from inside to convert it into a smart lock. Works with deadbolts, euro cylinder and door locks.

- Superior Security: With AES 256 Dynamic Key Encryption, no one is hacking this smart lock. If an intruder tries to break into your home, Keymitt will trigger alerts on your smartphone.

- Made in Germany: Quality and reliability that will last for several years. Guaranteed!

- Motion control and auto-lock: Wave your smartphone to unlock the door and let it lock the door behind you when you leave your home.

For more details, skip to the official Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below. So what are your thoughts on this gadget? Comment down below!

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