WiPEY helmet wiper for bikers

WiPEY helmet wiper for bikers
WiPEY helmet wiper for bikers
Motorcyclists looking for an easy way to clear the visor in the rain may be interested in Wipey, a small electric wiper that can be attached to your helmet and triggered by a Bluetooth button from the handlebars. WiPEY miniature swiper launched via Kickstarter this week to increase the $20,000 needed to get the jump to production.

"Every motorcycle dream is a warm sunny day and an open road ahead with no worries about your mind. But sometimes you can't avoid riding a motorcycle in the rain for example; if you're heading to your work, on your Sunday trip or maybe if you are a pizza supplier if you travel a lot with your bike or scooter if you are a motorcycle driver or a motorcyclist ... In heavy rain, the rider cannot see the traffic clearly. At night the situation gets even worse. Running a motorcycle in the rain, not fun. "

"There are probably some products on the market, such as the fingerprint, special helmet visor coatings, but WiPEY took it to the next level. A Mini Wiper for the Motorcycle Helmet. It will make your rainy trip SAFER and even FUN. smart portable security gear where we achieved an impossible ratio between consumption, speed, efficiency and size anyway (the weight with the battery is only 55 grams). "

Early bird plotters are available from $89 or about £70 and worldwide deliveries are expected to take place during October 2019. So what are your thoughts on this gadget? Comment down below!

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