Wrist Light 180

Wrist Light 180
Wrist Light 180
Wrist Light 180 is a new, practical torch that can be easily used on the wrist and is the world's first patented light. Wrist flashlight that gets 180 ° to light anywhere you need. Made from recycled materials, the Wrist Light 180 provides an easy way to continuously guide the light exactly where you need it.

Launched via Kickstarter this week, Wrist Light 180 is available back from $20 or £16 and offers a significant 34% discount on the recommended retail price. If the crowdfunding campaign is successful and production evolves smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to begin in November 2019.

"No longer keep a light constantly in that direction while walking, jogging and no longer using a hand to work with as the other hand holds a flashlight. From work in dark areas, wrist light 180 goes perfectly to light where you need, walk, nightly jogger, take your dog for walks, search around the house or places you need a flashlight.”

For more details, click the following link. So what are your thoughts on this gadget? Comment down below!

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