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Cruise Origin: The Transportation System of the Future

The talks of driverless cars have been around for a while, but now, the talking looks a bit more severe as Cruise Origin, a driverless shuttle, has been launched by GM. It is self-driven, electric, and shared, and is stated to revolutionize the public transport scene. Here are the significant features of the Cruise Origin.


Since it is driverless, there is clearly more space for passengers to fit in. The Origin looks massive, but not overwhelming; in fact, it is no bigger than an average car. But yeah, it is more spacious.


Since Cruise owns everything from the app to the service of the car, it promises to provide a consistent experience. All you need to do is open the app, and the Cruise right there to pick you up.


When humans drive, they rely on their eyes and ears. Cruise, on the other hand, features an all-electric platform multi-layered sensor suite for tracking objects and people at all distances and visibility conditions.


If the Cruise has some pitfalls, the existing models can be upgraded. So, there is no need to produce new units to fix minor pitfalls, as with most cars today.

The Cruise is already on the streets in San Fransisco, and it is yet to see how quickly it makes way to the busy streets of the world.

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