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Google Stadia to Launch 120 Games in 2020

Google Stadia's launch was under the scanner for the lack of games. But, it looks like Google is up for redemption as it plans to add 120 new games to the gaming platform, thereby giving gamers an exhaustive range of options for game streaming.

However, be mindful that Stadia does not work like Netflix, where you can pay a flat fee and access all the content. Here, you have to purchase individual games, but it is something to be talked about later. For now, the big news is that there will be 120 new additions to Stadia.

Apart from new games, Google contemplates launching new features to Stadia addressing gamers' requirements. These features include wireless gameplay support using the Stadia controller and Google Assistant support. There are speculations about 4K gaming through desktop as well.

Surprisingly, there were no announcements about support for mobile gaming. For now, Stadia can be accessed only through Pixel phones, but there have been reports that Google is running tests for expanding the service to non-Pixel Android devices as well.

All in all, the new update is worth waiting for, whether it is for the latest games added, how the pricing system will work, or how well the new features will work.

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