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Jaybird Vista: A delight for athletes?

Jaybird, when launched initially, did not woo a lot of athletes with its Run True wireless earbuds, but with Vista, it contemplates establishing itself among gym freaks and sportspersons. With a sleek design, IPX7 rating, compact charging case, and excellent sound quality, Vista offers a package every music freak would enjoy.

Let's dive into some features of Jaybird vista, and discover what it feels like listening to it.

Look and Feel

The Jaybird Vista earbuds feature a rounded, blocky build, along with installed sleeves to keep the earbuds in place during substantial activities. It also comes with angled nozzles for mitigating the ear canal discomfort; however, the housing is large and can become painful after an hour of continuous use. The earbuds have a flat-button pannel with the Jaybird logo, and the control panel looks slightly low-quality and offers standard features, such as call and basic playback controls.

Talking about the positives, the design of the earbuds looks appealing. They also feature automatic connection, which is an essential feature for wireless earbuds. The Jaybird Vista can also be accompanied by the Jaybird MySound app, which lets you update the firmware, save custom EQ presets, and locate the earbuds.

The Sound

Let's talk about the most crucial aspect of an earbud: the sound. Vista performs similar to the archetypical workout earbuds, but emphasizes a bit on low-end and mid-range frequencies, making it more versatile. You will have no problems listening to these while walking around, cooking, cleaning, or performing other low-energy tasks.

It offers excellent isolation, especially when you consider the fact that they are not noise-cancelling earbuds. However, if you jog or cycle outside, make sure you leave one earbud unplugged to ensure you listen to the surroundings. In case you struggle with finding the right-fit earbuds. Jaybird got you covered as it offers three pairs of earbuds of different sizes.

The Battery Life

When subjected to the standard usage conditions, it was noticed that Vista delivered a constant 75 dB output for 5.62 hours on a single charge. Although the battery life is not extraordinary, it is good enough to last for a couple movies or a few workouts, depending on for what purpose you use them. Moreover, the support fast charging, so five minutes of charge with the USB-C charging case provides you with more than an hour of playback. It will take you two hours to fully charge the case, and will offer you more than ten hours of battery life.

Vista Is Best For

The Jaybird Vista can be your ideal gym companion. They are waterproof and maintain a secure fit irrespective of the activity or the conditions. Moreover, they support quick charging which enables you to get gym-ready if you realize ten minutes before hitting the gym that your buds are out of power.

The Final Verdict

If you are in search of good workout wireless earbuds that fit well, are durable, provide proper isolation, and are still lightweight, Jaybird Vista would be an ideal pick for you. Although they are priced slightly high ($180) and you can get better deals, but its secure fit, excellent sound, and fast charging deliver decent value for money.

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