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Top 5 Healthy OTG or Microwave That Will Impress You

Igenix IG2590 Digital Combination Microwave

Complete your kitchen with this multifunctional kitchen appliance; modern design, large capacity, digital controls, and auto-cook menus. With a 25-litre capacity, the Igenix IG2590 enables you to toast, grill, bake, and microwave a plethora of food items and meals, ranging from veggies to pizzas and pasta. Adding to its functionality is its child safety lock options, which prevent young children from opening the microwave lid.

Panasonic NN-CT57JMBPQ Slimline Combination Microwave Oven

The Panasonic NN-CT57JMBPQ brings you an intelligent cooking experience like never before. Its microwave inverter technology, along with a programmed junior menu, assures evenly cooked, delicious, and healthy foods. The intelligent internal design reduces the overall footprint and consumes less kitchen space, along with providing an enhanced internal space.

Toshiba Microwave Oven ML-EM23P(SS) 23L

Wait no more as Toshiba's express cook technology enables you to instantly start cooking, melting, or reheating food items in one touch. Its large 23L capacity and time/weight, kitchen timer, and digital display features allow you to facilitate all kinds of cooking requirements. The low-noise operation and child lock function make this microwave an ideal fit for all kitchens.

Panasonic NN-K18JMMBPQ Microwave Oven

Give your kitchen a blend of retro and modern look with the all-new Panasonic NN-K18JMMBPQ Microwave Oven. Its 20L capacity and 25cm turntable allows you to cook, grill, and toast large quantities of foods such as fruits, vegetables, frozen meals, and more. Thanks to its touch control panel and child safety lock, you can enjoy the most delicious meals with the utmost safety and convenience.

Daewoo Microwave Convect Oven with Grill

The 900W output of this microwave oven, along with a 28-litre capacity and honeycomb cavity system, makes it the ideal pick for small- and medium-sized kitchens. It offers five autocook programs and ten power levels to cook, roast, and bake a variety of foods and dishes. It also comes with an automatic steam cleaning function to help you cut down your cleaning time.

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