Capella Space has unveiled its new satellite design that enables on-demand observations on Earth. This satellite features a bunch of technological innovations to deliver advanced, precise, on-time, and high-quality images.

Being the only SAR imagery provider in the market, Capella is a direct evolution of its previous version. The enhancements made as per customer feedback and on-orbit testing include:

  • Advanced design to deliver high contrast, sub-0.5 meter imagery, low-noise, along with performance improvements such as quality advances.
  • Continual imaging over long distances of upto 4000 km with advanced thermal management systems
  • A high agility platformed that features large reaction wheels along with the satellite that seamlessly adjusts for collecting images across targets.
  • Improved data downlink rate of 1.2 Gbps that supports immense image collection, thereby providing more data per orbit than any other SAR.
  • Also features a staring spotlight image mode that improves image quality.
  • A real-time asking feature consisting of a highly secure encrypted link.

These enhancements will be included in Capella’s six upcoming commercial satellites under the name Whitney constellation. It will commence with the launch of Sequoia in March 2020. The new Capella has also received licensing by NOAA and an approval to sell the highest resolution SAR imagery.



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